My daughter is one of those kids who dives headlong into life, similar to her father in a lot of ways including that tendency, always at some activity or with one of her myriad of friends or tending to some responsibility.  She is busy in a good way and can think of no other way to be.  Neither can I.  That is one of the ways I can relate to her.

Last night we had a few minutes in the car driving home from the local middle school, where she had just supervised a performance of the flute choir she directs there and where Nate had also performed with the school jazz band.  I drove and listened to my enthused girl talk non-stop to me, talking so fast it seemed she needed to fit everything into the small amount of time she had my undivided attention.  Rarely does Alyssa get time alone with me.  I need that time with her, listening to her talk non-stop like that.

She’s my little girl.  I think about last night and I realize that two years from now she will be in college.  She won’t be a little girl any more.  I wonder how many more opportunities I will have to give her my undivided attention.

Yikes.  Where did the time go?