Here is another Multiply blog I want to keep around. This one expresses a simple truth of marriage versus fatherhood, as well as demonstrating one of the services social media provides — ego stroking. This one was originally posted to my Multiply blog this past January 25.

It’s also relevant for another reason. The “almost 20 years” becomes reality tomorrow.


I’m certain there are plenty of variations to the revelation that just planted itself in my brain. This really should not be a new idea to me, but it is. After all, I have been married close to twenty years, to the same lovely woman. I should have figured this out by now.

A woman’s purpose is to keep her man humble.

Duh. Right? I shouldn’t be slapping my forehead over this one. Silly me, I am of the mindset that my loved ones should be my biggest and best source of encouragement.

There are plenty of examples I can share from personal experience, gleaned from almost twenty years of marriage, with enough to fill a small book. I cite the most recent example, one from last night and really what caused the ball of revelation to fall on my inpenetrable skull, finally cracking said noggin enough for the message to sink in. After returning from my boot camp class, one where I tore the legs off my fellow cycling boot camp friends much to the delight of my ever growing ego, I couldn’t wait to share the story of my success with my adoring wife. She was just going to love to hear about how the guys were calling me a “monster” and a “machine” or how I had left everyone in the dust. I was going to be her big hero. My wife would be so awed that she would be on the phone telling her friends and family about how awesome her husband was.

“You should have seen me in my boot camp tonight. I was rockin’ and rollin’ on the bike. No one came close to me.”

“That’s nice. You should be proud.” She walked right past me, her bored expression pasted on as if permanent. “Can you let the dog out?”

That was it. No gasps or Ooooo’s or ahhh’s. Nuttin’. Strike three. Wide right. Shot down.

My daughter, my usual salvation, was.

“Wow, Dad, that’s awesome!”

I’ll take it. I think that is what daughters are for.

One knows better than to feed my ego. The other isn’t aware one exists.

We all need someone to validate us. We also need someone to keep us in check. I look back at what I just wrote and I think, it’s probably good I have a wife and a daughter. I need them both.

I also read what I just wrote and I think about why a lot of us post blogs or hang out on FB. Face it (or FB it), you can post pretty much anything about yourself, shout it from the cyber mountain top, and someone is going to listen. Someone is going to click “Like” or say “Wow!” or “Good job!”. And it’s easier than being asked to let out the dog.