I’m not one of those people who believes their karma rubs off on the rest of the world, at least not when it’s good karma.  For that matter, I really don’t believe in karma at all.  It’s a cool term.  That is about it.

Why did I say that?  Friday night was one of those I-should-play-the-lottery nights.

6:30 PM was a league softball game.  We needed to win to have a shot at making the playoffs.  Chances were not in our favor, seeing that we were playing one of those teams where none of the players has a life besides playing 12” slow pitch softball.  Our team is a collection of shop and office employees, with a life outside of ball, and a team that has gotten consistently better in the almost two years of the team’s existence.  The game was hard fought, but our team found ourselves six runs down as we started our last at bat.  Not only did we score nine runs, but we shut down a dumbfounded and suddenly not-so-cocky opponent to win the game.

I felt real good.  My contribution to the last inning was a three run opposite field home run, a line drive shot that cleared the fence by a mile.  I’m not a home run hitter.

My next endeavor of the evening was to relieve Mir of parent duty at the Friday night high school football game.  Nate was there with a bunch of middle school friends (congregating beyond one of the end zones, the middle school zone at our football games).  Mir wanted to go out for coffee with friends.  I also wanted to see Alyssa perform with the marching band at half time.  Not only did I find a parking space next to the field entrance and get into the game free, but I sat my hiney down in the stands with about two minutes left to go in the first half, with our team down 14 -7 and not looking like much of anything.. until I sat down.  Boom.  They marched down the field, scoring a touchdown to tie the score with three seconds left in the half.  I’m pretty sure that the coach must have reminded his players that I was watching because they emerged from the locker room after half time to mount a scoring barrage.  I left the game with Nate as the fourth quarter started and our team winning 48-14.

The karma was humming right along.

I’m a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan.  I was born a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan.  They were playing the Washington Nationals in game five of a best of five playoff series when we arrived home.  I tuned my iPod in to the game as the ninth inning was starting.  The Cardinals were down by two runs.  They needed a miracle, especially when they hadn’t scored after two outs.  But I knew the cardiac Cardinals are never finished, especially the way my luck had played out all evening.  Sure enough, the Cardinals rallied for four runs and won the game/series.

But I don’t believe in karma.