There is a sense of foreboding in me as I prepare to write this year’s NaNo.  My choice  of story is out of my comfort zone, a test I am imposing on myself for a reason I can’t think of.  I’m not trying to stretch myself.  This writing thing is still new to me and I have a lot of learning to do.  This is not the time to stretch myself.  My story this year came from a short story written from a prompt provided through a blog I subscribe to, as did two out of the last three NaNo projects.  The story was one that found my G spot, so I chose to let the pleasure take me farther.  What I like about the story I have chosen is that I have to prepare to write this story, so I really am learning more.  It’s helping.  The background stories, the profiles for each character,  even the outline gives me a tingle in the right place.

Previous NaNo projects were unplanned, easy because I chose stories I from the familiar, from places I have already been in my life, exaggerations of my own experiences.  They were comfortable stories, fun for me to read because of the relaxed style.  I like those stories, but they are not good enough to share.  A few have read them, most of those readers friends.

Less than seven days.  Will I make it this year?  We’ll see.  I am willing.  We’ll see if my wife and son will be willing to let me have the time to write.  My daughter will and I hope to share this one with her.  Last year I couldn’t because I let my story go to the ridiculous in a way that just was not appropriate.  I have read blogs from writers who have recommended that one should always write in a way that they can share their writing with their family.  I think that is true.  That is my goal for this story.

Wish me luck.  My story is an action fantasy, post apocalyptic with a spiritual slant.  I write relationships.  Thus the challenge.