It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Words With Friends.

Hanging With Friends.

Scramble With Friends.

They are all time wasters that have sucked me in like the chump that I am.  I love playing the games and have spent many an evening with my cheeks planted on the couch, intently focusing on my iPod as my turn to play comes up, and up, and up, and up, and you get the drift.  Often what terminates my play for the evening is the waning charge on my device.

Admitting this gives me the same sick feeling that I get when I see someone I know in a McDonalds, a huge bit of Big Mac sauce drool on the edges of my mouth.  No one wants to acknowledge that they eat at the golden arches, even though millions do (thanks, Jim Gaffigan).  The same goes for “those games”.

I am frequently called a nerd as I taunt my coworker,  Debbie, about the lava scorching the soles of her feet.  Debbie is my favorite Hanging opponent.  Just last week I did the strongman butt dance in Panera after finally beating another friend, a savant at Words, after many months of trying.  Even I must say that I was far too proud of that.  When I dropped my iPod in the toilet because I couldn’t put down my Scramble game to pee, another addicted friend actually gave me her husband’s 32 gig Touch so that I would keep playing her in Words.

It’s a mad, mad,  mad, mad world.

Time to go to bed.  But first, let me catch up a few turns at Words….