Stay at home vacations.  Some dig ’em, some do ’em because they have no choice.  This middle income married father of two likes to think that SAHVs are the best option for vacation.  I don’t like to spend money and trips with the family are overrated.  Staying close to home is the quality way to spend time together.

After day one of this week’s vacation, that is definitely the case.  My son is relishing the extra time with his dad.  I expect he really does enjoy having me around more than he lets on.  The weather has been nice, so we have already played golf, tennis, and rode mountain bikes together in the last three days, the latter being one of the best rides we have shared together.  It doesn’t hurt when a friend of mine, close to Nate’s size, let Nate use his carbon fiber mountain bike.  The trails we rode this afternoon were intimidating to me the first time I rode them a few weeks ago and Nate attacked them courageously.  I’m proud.

The newest Call of Duty was released last week.  Nate has recruited me for several hours playing the zombie maps with his friends, announcing to them “don’t get mad at my dad.. he sucks but he’s getting better”.  Thanks, son.

We had a nice dinner tonight with my 91 year old father in law to celebrate his wife’s 90th birthday.  They had steak and enjoyed a nice evening of conversation.  I am stuffed, thankful for the calories I burned on the trail riding with Nate earlier today.

Alyssa, well, we’re writing NaNo together.  I printed out my story for her critique — and anxiously waiting for it.  She and Mir have been hitting the outlet mall that is regretably close to our house.  I’m not sure I like the bright red pants, bought for $10, that my daughter displayed to me with pride tonight.

Oh, and she got her hair cut several inches shorter and a  blue streak added.  Now we have blue hairs appearing on the tile in our shower.

I’m behind on NaNo.  Today was productive when I had the chance to write.  I tried writing at my favorite Panera this morning but, alas, my friends coerced me into catching up on conversations I have missed with them this month.  Despite that I was able to add about 2500 words to my word count.  The story feels like quality also.

SAHV.  The best way to go.