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Dad, you didn’t.”.. slight emphasis on the word didn’t.

“Dad, you didn’t.”.. a little more emphasis on the word didn’t.

“Dad, you DIDN’T!” .. I don’t need to tell you.

“Oh no, Dad, YOU DIDN’T!”.. the blush said it all as my daughter took her seat two rows in front of me, her head turning my way just to make sure all was as she said it didn’t was.  On her trip across the band room in front of me, she stopped as she delivered each warning.  For indeed, “Dad, you didn’t” was just that, a warning.

I have earned her caution over the years of devious fatherhood.  My daughter lives in fear of her father when it comes to her boyfriends.  She should.  My form of evil with my daughter’s suitors has never been violence or threats of violence, it has been my tendency towards embarrassment and a unique sense of humor.  I will say no more.  Let’s just say Alyssa has reason to fear whenever I am in the presence of any of her beaus.

She has a new boyfriend, Matt or “Bear” as he is called, declared official just this week.  There is no surprise to the announcement as we have seen it coming for some time.  Oddly enough my daughter seems to enjoy talking to me about him, shows me the little cartoons and notes he has created for her, as well as what she gives to him.  I like the boy, find his creativity and humor a good fit for my daughter.  Mir is cautious about him simply because there is more we need to know about him.  I agree.

So, at last night’s family band rehearsal, I took a seat next to Bear.  Bear plays the trumpet.  So do I.  Now, why in the world would my daughter think I chose a seat next to him on purpose? (I am soooo innocent)  I simply smiled what I am sure was an evil grin as she travelled in front of me.  What I loved was that Bear was chuckling and snorting the whole time.  We tossed in a high five just to get Alyssa more worried.

I’m thinking this could be a good match.. and I’m not talking about my daughter.