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Lazy saturday.  This morning was a bust, my hope to ride my mountain bike once again dashed to pieces by rain.  I found video online last night, lots of it actually, made by guys who ride the trails I ride and on the trails I ride.  It was dry when my head hit the pillow, visions of mountain bikes filling my dreams.  I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting my bedroom windows.  Drat.  No ride for Stevie.  That ugly hamster wheel is screaming at me from the garage and I am doing my best to ignore it.  I hate the hamster wheel (i.e. stationary bicycle trainer — evil incarnate in an inanimate way).

Hamster wheel

Hamster wheel with the bike and probably more fun (Photo credit: sualk61)

So I went back to sleep and my dreams filled with the stuff guys like to dream about (I wanted to kiss her but made the right choice), then the dream turned cruel as I found my bicycle in the dream, trashed by a disgruntled campground worker.  There were tears in my eyes as I awoke, the dog licking my hand, so I am pretty sure I must have been crying in my sleep.  Just to calm my mind, I shuffled down to the garage to make sure my bicycle was indeed OK.  It is.

I have already done the checkbook and paid the bills.  I replaced the front door screen with the winter glass.  I filled the gas tanks of each vehicle.

Now I must decide between laziness or doing more chores.  Hmmmmm……