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Christmas 2012 014

I caught this image this morning. Ahhhh… peace.

Christmas Day Closes….

I begin to write this blog with a pleasant buzz, not from alcohol as I have not imbibed, but from a truly blessed Christmas day with my family.  The day is about to close and throughout my house are many electronic devices in use, the lot of us enjoying some artificial respite from days of close proximity to each other.  My comfort comes from a warm pair of red angry birds pajama pants (a present from my daughter), the music of the Mumford & Sons CD (also a present from my daughter) on the living room stereo, the glow of the lighted Christmas tree, and an overdose of Fannie May chocolate vanilla creams.

When I say “respite” I don’t mean it in a negative way.  Christmas has been a four day celebration this year, mostly due to the timing.  It started Saturday morning with a party I enjoyed with my Panera breakfast friends, a trip south to my parents for a weekend Christmas celebration, back home last night, a mountain bike ride with friends yesterday morning followed by afternoon Christmas shopping and Christmas eve church, then capped by wrapping presents.  I fell asleep while I snuggled with my family on the couch during the annual Christmas eve reading from our Advent book and collection of Christmas stories.  I didn’t make it to the end of Mister Willoughby’s Christmas Tree before I was dreaming of sugar plums.  Christmas day has been unusual for us simply because we usually open presents, then travel three hours south to my parents’ house on Christmas day.  We stayed here, enjoying opening presents after sleeping in, then hot cinnamon rolls and eggnog, and time together over the gifts we received.  The kids are old enough now that they chip in without much, if any, discouraging words.  I cooked the requested meal of cheese stuffed pasta shells with garlic bread, perhaps one of the best batches I have cooked, and enjoyed the meal with Miriam’s parents.  Mir’s dad had three helping of shells, so I know they were good.

The mice are at play….

The day was spent together, a nice pleasant day.  Now Alyssa is enjoying the laptop PC we gave to her, Nate the video game and tablet.  My work bonus paid for a nice Christmas plunder.  Mir is catching up with the sisters she hasn’t heard from yet today.  She has six sisters, so that is a mighty task.

The preacher in me lives on….

One thought that struck me on Christmas eve and has continued to linger throughout the day is one that should have been clear to me long, long ago.  The thought is so simple, so easy that it may just be too easy –

My life has been spent and will continue to be spent trying to truly find God.  Like the wise men who were led to find Jesus by God’s design, a star that pointed the way, I am reminded of a God who is always there, waiting for me.  God is there, shows me the way, has really always been there for those who seek him.  Finding Him can be a long journey and I may not really see Him clearly until I reach my destination.  Christmas is perhaps the time each year and in my life when I can see God clearly, understand that He is there.  I need to be reminded of that.

May your Christmas have been as blessed as mine, as well as the year to come.