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It’s the last hour of the last day of my vacation.  What does one do with that one last hour of freedom?  When one is a blogger, they write a blog.  Of course.  Duh.

*slaps forehead*

My last full day of work was December 21.  That seems so long ago.  It is.  And I need to go back to work.  The checking account balance looked rather weak this morning when breezed through.

It was very cold this morning.  I will not say anything about witches tits.  But it was colder than they are.  The sun was just starting to add a little light to the landscape when I emerged from the garage with my mountain bike, intent on putting the bike in the back of my PT CruiserToTheAutoPartsStore and joining my friends for our annual new year ride to the Caribou Coffee.  This year was going to be path instead of road.  And my car earned its nickname.  It was dead as a doornail, cold as a WT, non-responsive.  The battery was so drained from whatever has been sucking power that there wasn’t enough charge to keep the car running even after I jump started the car. 


So I trudged back into the house, parked my multilayered spandex self at the kitchen table, and drank an extra strong cup of coffee.  I moped for a good two hours.  No one in my house disturbed me.  They were snug in their beds sleeping off a late night New Year’s night.  Not me.  I went to sleep at ten, woke up at 11:58 PM, went downstairs to say whoopee and get my obligatory ball drop peck/kiss, then went back to bed.  I am always the early bird in my household.  Now you know why.

But I recovered from my doldrums,  went back outside, got the car running, and said CRAP, I AM GOING TO RIDE.  And I did.  A nice two hour single track ride in the bright, crisp twenty degree weather.  Can I get an amen?

I had to ride.  It’s likely the last outdoor ride I will have for the next few months.  Here is why.


It looks nasty because it is.  Surgery is January 10.  Our yearly mandatory Saturday work day is this Saturday, so I likely won’t ride that day.  I am glad to have gotten out 7 out of the last 10 days.  I will relish those rides for the next few weeks.

I also made my home made egg noodles with chicken.  My family asks for me to make them every year during the Christmas break.  They are very easy and such a comfort food.  Of course, Alyssa has been out with friends all day and ate with them.  Nate disappeared to a friend’s to play video games.  So Mir, Nick the Sheltie, Chester the Cat, and I ate noodles while watching three more episodes of Jericho on Netflix.  We have watched all but the last three episodes in the last three days.  My couch likes me almost as much as my mountain bike.


Those are the noodles drying on the rack.  The chicken has just finished stewing in the broth, so much so that when I pulled it out of the pot it just fell off of the bone.  I almost feel like Chef Boy R Steve now.

Otay.  Time to pull the pants out of the dryer, shave, get the shirt ready, pack a lunch.  Work starts tomorrow.