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Studded mountain bike tires for use in icy con...

Studded mountain bike tires for use in icy conditions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The young guy dressed oddly in plaid shorts (odd for 32 degree weather) looked at me with a puzzled look.  “You have a flat tire?”

“Oh”  It was then that I heard the air escaping from the front tire of my mountain bike. “Yeah, I guess I do.”

We both shrugged.  I had just pulled up and was standing over my bike behind my car in the parking lot.  My ride was already finished.  Never was a flat tire timed my perfectly.  For that matter, it was also on my front tire, an easy fix even if I was out on the trail.  But I wasn’t.

“Good timing, eh?  Trails aren’t slick are they?”

“Nah.  Just a bit of a dusting.  Actually made the dirt a little tackier.”

I had picked up a hat on the trail, one of those plaid hats with fuzzy flaps to go over the ears.  Plaid was the fashion theme of the day, I guess.  A young man walked around the side of the car next to me.

“Any of you see a ha….”  And I handed it to him.

Yesterday was a mandatory work day, the one Saturday of the year where everyone works.  I started at 6 AM so I could leave at 2 PM for a ride.  Worked out famously.  It was just one of those famous days.