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My little recovery nook.  Yes, that's WP on the PC.

My little recovery nook. Yes, that’s WP on the PC.


Eat a little.

Pop in on my iPod to catch up on social games.  I kick butt at SongPop.

Sleep a lot more.

Take some pain medicine (which might be worse than dealing with the pain).

Try to poop (dang pain medicine).

Wait for my family to leave the house so I can hobble upstairs and play some online video games.

Read a bit.  A very little bit.  (dang pain medications)

Call mom, let her know my foot is still part of my body.


Pet the dog.  He loves that I am home 24 hours a day.

Wonder if I should shave.

Take a half shower.  At least half of my body doesn’t stink.

Listen to Mir.  She now tells me stuff she would call me or text me about during the day.

Look at that big bandage and wonder what is going on underneath.

It seems like life has been like this forever, only it’s just been a few days.  I don’t think I am going to go nuts.  Maybe.  I could.  That’s something else for me to think about.