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There was a left foot sighting today, brief, but enough to have me giddy with excitement.  No, I do not have a foot fetish.  That would be sick.  I am not some sort of pervo, at least not in public.

My two week post op check up was this afternoon.  Yeah.  Two weeks without seeing my foot.  Wow.  It sure didn’t look like the old foot.

Here is the old foot.  (dang.. to be added later.. my pc is creeping)

Bump and bent and furry.  No bump.  No bend.  No fur.

Bump and bent and furry. No bump. No bend. No fur.

Here is the new, with a fresh bandage that replaced the bulky surgical dressing.  I feel reborn from the left foot up.

(Imagine a rejuvenated body part is pictured right here)

Tootsie spectacular

Tootsie spectacular

When is it acceptable for a man my age to have a crush?  The doctor’s assistant was so cute that I couldn’t shut up and about died when she held my foot in her lap, so close to the promised land.  Yikes.  Did I just say that?  I did. Stuck my foot in my mouth.  Now it fits quite nicely.

There were three rather large incisions in the top of the foot, all sutured.  I didn’t mind it when the doctor’s assistant removed them, not a bit.  The conversation was heavenly.  I was walking on sutured air.

I had a great time talking to the doctor, too.  We spent more time talking about bicycles and life than we did about the actual surgery.  He did squeeze in a moment to show the xray to me and where the plate/screws were located.  The bone is going to take around three months to fuse.  Turns out the doctor’s wife is a triathlete who really likes the bike.  I commented on how lucky for him to be able to share that with her.  That is where the talk about life came in.  We had one of those “yeah, every guy goes through the same stuff with his wife” conversations.  Interesting.

Soooo, in between crushing on the physician’s assistant, talking about bicycles, musing on the challenges marriage presents, relating stories about the guy who owns the company I work for, and showing off my mad crutch skills, I actually got really good news about my foot.  It is healing very nicely.  I have a walking boot now and I feel so FREE.

That’s the main toe story.