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I am going to do something very bold right now.  Those who are superstitious, of which I am not one unless you consider this very blog, may want to close your eyes and tiptoe away this very moment.  Do not read on.

I have gone an entire winter season with nary a sniffle.  No cold.  No flu.  No illness at all unless my foot surgery is considered.  My kids are now both teens, past the age where they are susceptible to most sicknesses simply because they were exposed to stuff they had never had the chance to be exposed, therefore they were not “immune”.  No longer are they bringing home crud to share with the rest.

I remember the snot monster days.  When my kids were toddlers they were constantly spreading mucus laden joy.  If I indulged myself in an icy cold glass of soda pop, I had to be careful to hold on to the glass lest I put it down and a glazed nose toddler grab the glass for a sip.  If I was not paying attention, I would guzzle the rest before discovering the slimy residue my child had left behind on the glass.  The dread spread in my head at the prospect of being infected.  Of course, Mir and I would both end up sick if only because neither of us could keep from kissing our sick toddler good night or holding them in our lap.

Sooooooo, I am daring the demons of sickness by boldly stating that I have not been sick.  Any bets on how long it takes before I become a snot monster?