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English: Junior Mints candy. Small chocolates ...

English: Junior Mints candy. Small chocolates with a minty, milky center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, yes, love is in the air.  Smell it?

Oh, sorry.  My bad.

At work, it is fun to see the gifts being delivered to many of the women in the office and factory.  One woman who works in our assembly department walked by me today carrying roses and a balloon.  She doesn’t speak English well, but she always has a troublemaker grin, even more so when I asked her “OK, which boyfriend sent you the balloons and which sent you the roses?”.  I almost wondered if it was true!

The woman to desks down not only received a dozen red roses and chocolate, but her husband brought them with him along with their eight month old daughter at lunch.  Another received a stuffed frog with roses.  Even I got a big Hershey’s chocolate kiss from two friends.

I can’t participate in the retail contribution for this holiday.  Thanks to some major “oops”, we overdrafted our checking account this week.  Luckily, I have that Hershey’s kiss…. (shhhhh, don’t tell).  I wrote a little note to Mir and will give it to her tonight.  I am hoping it’s the thought that counts.

Think that will fly?

Probably not.  Maybe it will.  She knows the situation.  That goes with the marriage territory, right?  At this point in the game, if I try too hard, she is going to think I have a girlfriend.

I don’t have the energy or will for that.

One of the biggest joys I am having is watching the excitement that surrounds my sixteen year old daughter right now.  Yes, I have been married for twenty years and I have seen first hand the effort my wife has gone through to make Valentines special.  We were engaged during Valentines weekend, so at one time we both really got into the gifts and celebration.  My wife is not all that into it now, though, not like my daughter.

A single girl, especially a teenage single girl, approaches this holiday a whole lot differently than she will after twenty years of marriage.  I’m pretty sure she has been plotting for this day since well before Christmas.  In January, Alyssa showed me ideas she was exploring on Pinterest and other websites, asked me for advice on what she should say on the huge card she was making.  That card is indeed enormous, as large as a record album sleeve (records are really big CDs, for those who do not know), and several pages long.  It is detailed, with scratch off hearts, little envelopes attached with pictures from different significant outings they have had, a poem, little notes of sentiment.  She bought him a tshirt and giftcard with the little money she makes teaching flute lessons.  Her clothing choice has been in a state of flux, agonized over for the past few weeks.  Matt is taking Alyssa out tonight.  I am hoping it will be a night of magic for her.

The guy had best pass this test.  I’m pulling for him.  I know how tough this one is going to be.  He screws up, doesn’t react quite right, he is in big trouble.  Been there.  There is one thing helping him, though.  Alyssa’s previous boyfriend was a total blockhead when it came to anything remotely requiring sensitivity.  The bar is not quite as high as it could be.  And to give her current boyfriend credit, he seems to handle the romantic requirements very well.  I think he will pass.  I like the kid.  I’m pulling for him.

Me?  All I want is my box of Junior Mints.  Mir knows that is the way to my heart.