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My son is doomed to be a professional March Madness bracket addict.  And a fantasy football freak.  By looking at his grades, I would say he had best do very well with his bracket picks.  He won’t be able to get a job if he graduates high school.  AND HE IS NOT GOING TO LIVE WITH ME UNLESS HE LEARNS TO SHARE HIS PS3.

It really is my fault.  I let him play fantasy football in one of my leagues when he was eight years old.  He won.  Then he won my fantasy baseball league and won the next year’s fantasy football league.  So I thought “hey, let him enter a March Madness bracket since he’s hot”.  Didn’t win.  But I did.  So he thinks fantasy sports are the road to riches.  His friends all have fathers who have corrupted their sons.  Nate is the bookie for their league.

And he is mocking my picks for this year’s NCAA basketball tournament.



Listen, sucker, how about a side bet?  My brackets score higher than yours, the PS3 is mine for a week.  Deal?

He had to think about that one. Not so cocky now that the stakes get serious.

Notice that I said bracketSSSSS.  Plural.  You can’t eat just one.

Brackets 1 & 2, in different pools, Saint Louis, Indiana.

Bracket 3, Miami (almost picked Louisville).

I mailed off my donations tonight…..