ANGER!! (Photo credit: Za3tOoOr!)

Is the blog title true?  No way.  Can it be true?  Darn tootin’.  Make the title “Human Equality = Religious Godless Bigotry”.  The title can be applied to both sides of the fence.

I just read an attempt at humor, even tagged as humor, on another blog here.  I won’t link to that blog.  It’s not necessary.  The blog attempt was a snipe at ‘angry religious guys’, those who protest gay marriage.  I actually agree a bit with those who don’t like that angry religious guy.  I don’t like that angry religious guy for the same reason I don’t like the angry gay guy or angry human rights guy — because neither is considering the other person.  And neither wants to take a real look at the other person’s reasons for what they believe.  That’s sad.

I basically wrote a blog in the comments section of said blogger.  See if you agree with me or if at least something rings true:

Hmmmm… I’m what you would call a ‘religious’ guy, although I find that term as offensive as ‘fag’.  There is a huge difference between being religious and following God.  That’s not just my opinion, it’s the truth.  In my world, however, I have seen just as many gay people or human rights supporting housewives, who like thinking they are religiously supporting a cause — while being uneducated, clueless, and as fanatically frothed as any Wesboro-ite in a mean and attacking fashion.  They hang the ‘religious’ tag on me and toss their stereotype on me without taking the time to find out what I really believe.  Those who support human rights fail to notice all the hate that has been spewed at Christ followers, ignore the actions (not just words), directed at those who may be just as baffled by the hate on ‘their side’ as they are by the hate on ‘the other side’.

The tag on this blog might be a bit of a fib, by the way.  Sarcasm, maybe.  Humor, no.  Your last statement makes you no better than any screaming, angry religious guy. (the statement indicated that those in heaven might just be inclined to suck dick)

Most Christians believe in common sense and don’t see the gay lifestyle as common sense.  They know God doesn’t either.  They also believe that God is in control no matter if their neighbors are cocksuckers,.. and that won’t keep them from believing in God, even if this world tries to stop that.  And that’s the real issue if you really listen to that angry religious guy.”

(Note:  I am probably being a bit harsh and judgemental when it comes to those who are sporting that new Human Equality symbol as their FB icon or somewhere else.  There are plenty who are displaying that symbol for the right reason.  It is those who are displaying it as a protest rather than a symbol of reason that I am talking about)