I couldn’t come up with a title for this blog.  Honestly, this is more of a “this is how Easter was at my house” blog.

The title says what I believe, though.  Whether you are talking about Easter or Passover, what we celebrate during this holiday is the elimination of doubt.  Thomas doubted until he saw, Pharaoh would not accept the God of Moses even to the point of destruction, Israel turned to a golden calf even as they witnessed the miracles that allowed their freedom.. and we are faced with God as he meets us where we are — and takes away any reason to doubt.

As a family we went to one of the Good Friday services our church offers.  It’s always packed.  Sean, the pastor for our church campus (there are 13 locations for our church), gave the same message as last year, a trip to three sets of lit candles on the stage that he extinguishes with a black cloth as he says “It’s Friday, but I don’t know why they call it good”.  He talked about the betrayal, the trial, the persecution until he reached the cross.. where he was able to say why Friday was good.  An excellent message that ended with the stage lights going out and the large screen over the stage simply stating “It is finished”.  The house lights came up and the service was indeed finished!

I went to a fantasy baseball draft party after the service.  The party is always a blast and it’s a league that I have been in for at least ten years.  I don’t always do well in the league, but trash talking face to face is my specialty.  Buster Posey was my first pick for those who want to know.

Saturday afternoon I went out to buy Alyssa’s birthday present.  It’s electronic, so Mir wanted me to shop for it.  I also accomplished getting the garage cleaned and the dog doo picked up in the back yard.

AND I rode a bicycle around the block.  I still wore my walking boot but I can ride.  I might just be ready to ride in a week or so.  Yeah!

Alyssa with cousin Brett and his wife, Allison

Alyssa with cousin Brett and his wife, Allison

Easter means church in the morning as well as ham dinner with family at our house.  I baked the ham (no big deal — anyone can turn an oven on) and made one of the best batches of cheesy potato casserole I have ever made.  When my inlaws ask for the recipe and take leftovers home with them, I have succeeded.

Dad F. and Betty -- my father in law and his wife.  Dad gorged himself on cheese potatoes!

Dad F. and Betty — my father in law and his wife. Dad gorged himself on cheese potatoes!

Mir’s family always bakes a lamb cake.  Mir and Alyssa baked the cake and Alyssa, for the second year in a row, did the decorating.  Cake and lamb were great!

Alyssa and her lamb creation.

Alyssa and her lamb creation.