I just received one of those texts from my daughter where I could practically hear her excited voice as I read her words —

“Hey Dad, I just got named features editor for next year’s school newspaper!”

That is a real big deal for her.  She has been writing for the newspaper, both features and stories as well as an anonymous advice column.  One of the minors she is considering for college is journalism, so this appointment will look good on her college resume’.  Alyssa has been talking to me about the possibility of being appointed as editor — she already knew she was being recommended by a teacher and also a staff advisor.

My girl writes for fun, probably the biggest thing we have in common.  She is in a little club this month to write for Camp NaNoWriMo and has a NaNo certificate on her bedroom wall.  I really have enjoyed watching how her writing skills are progressing as she matures and learns.  I may never be published, but I may just get the chance to see my daughter’s work published!