I know I just posted a blog, but, well, I want to write another.

At the moment, I am still downstairs at our kitchen table with my laptop in front of me.  Behind me is the furnace, which means I can hear what is going on upstairs through the furnace vents.  Nate is upstairs in his bedroom, playing his guitar and singing.  It’s nice.  Ever hear a song by Fun called ‘Carry On’?  That’s what he just finished singing.

When I listen to him, it kind of makes all of the other nonsense I experience with him seem like nothing.  It’s not, I know.  The boy and I spent quite a bit of time sniping at each other this weekend, so it’s a good thing to end it this way, listening to him sing sweetly as he plays.

He is on a bit of a high at the moment.  Caddy class started this afternoon and he got to caddie for someone as practice, earning a nice tip for his efforts.  It was a cold day, but sunny, and a good one to be outdoors on a golf course.  The course he will be caddying at is like a garden, so it’s even better for him.

And I took the time I had to myself to test my surgically repaired foot by riding my mountain bike off road, on some of my favorite single track.  Believe me, riding took a lot off of my shoulders, especially when my foot responded well to the extra effort it takes to ride.  I like.. very much.  I needed the ride as it had been a rough week at work with a lot of pressure.

Alyssa helped me pick out new glasses yesterday afternoon, then we spent the rest of the afternoon sipping coffee at Starbucks, looking at shoes, shopping for clothes, walking through my candy store (bicycles), buying golf shoes, and running errands.  I don’t get hours like that with my daughter often, so I take them when I can get them.  It makes me smile.

The clock just turned over ten PM.