Mammoo dogface in the banana patch.

That is about all my brain can produce at dis momentous.  I be a bit frired.  Yeeps.

Undt mein toes is tellin mein selfen dat I meinst haf pushed dem ein bitten too fardt dis veekend. 

It’s scary when I think in a fake german accent.

See my new specs?  Cool and hip, eh?  Alyssa, my teen daughter helped me to pick them out, although I had already selected them on my own.  The actual purchase required her approval, though.  A few years ago, I picked out glasses on my own and promptly was marched back to the optometrist to select a new pair.  I was not about to let that happen again.

These have a nerd feature to them — magnetic clip on sunglasses.  I think that is cool.  Practical and not close to being as nerdy as those glasses that turn to sunglasses in the sunlight.  My magnetic clip ons are nerdalicious.

My repaired left foot is feeling a bit overused at the moment.  I’m blaming the fool foot for telling me that it’s feeling great, thus giving me permission to play league softball on Friday night (double off the fence down the left field line and three hits — WHOOT), mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon, followed by two hours of singletrack on the mountain bike, then splitting a jumbo 180 ball bucket of balls with Nate at the golf driving range last night.  Nate and I played our first round of golf together this afternoon, eighteen holes.  This over fifty guy is listening to his body scream over and over right now — WTF ARE YOU CCCRAAAAZZZZZYYYY!!!!??!!!

You know it.  What better way to show it by overdoing it?  Ummmm..  whoot.  Good luck getting out of bed in the morning.  If I can lift my arm to hit the snooze, I will.  Several times.

I should show off my surgery scar.  It’s cool.  Since it has been pleasantly Spring like this weekend, I have been sporting flip flops and showing off the scar, just like the guys did in Jaws. 

“Bunion shark.  Nasty one.”

Oh, and I whipped my smug thirteen year old on the golf course today.  He’s been playing for a few weeks.  Dad improved his mental game over the winter, apparently.  Whoot again.

Oh, and Nate earned his first pay as a caddie yesterday morning.  He’s complaining about being sore.  Welcome to the world of the working stiff, son.  HA!!!!! 

HA!  HA! HA!  Undt HA!!!

Errrrrr… I had better go to bed.  I might have to actually do some work tomorrow.  All play and no work makes Stevie a dull boy.

My new glasses are hip and cool.  Admit it.