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Today, I am going to pass on a little story my mom shared with my family yesterday.  Sharing anything from my mom can be a risky proposition.  Just ask my kids.  They are hoping the apple fell reaaaaal far from the tree.

Without further adoodoo, my mom’s pee story.  She’s hoping this story replaces her own ‘Tommy Tippee’ story from our childhood:

Hello!  Thought you might get a laugh out of one of our camping memories from this past weekend at Morraine View State Park! Paul & Melissa along with little Tyler decided to try out a new tent and see how Tyler would do on an overnight Saturday. Their tent has a little screened vestibule in front so they brought along Tyler’s potty since he has been doing so good with his potty training and put it in the screened-in section of their tent. Tyler did real good and went to sleep just fine. Tyler’s mommy needed to take a trip for toileting and hated to wake us up in our trailer as it was quite early in a.m. so she decided to use Tyler’s potty. One thing she forgot was the musical tune it played when Tyler had success using it was still on plus the “YAY” sound following the musical tune. I bet the raccoons in the woods wondered what those crazy people that camp are doing now! Haaaaaaaaaa!

These are memories that last from camping experiences. Some we can laugh about and others not I guess. All in all, our family has had many fun times around campfires and experiencing God’s outdoors. Happy summer everybody.

Grandma Becky