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Sunday morning.  Typically early Sunday mornings are my time.  This time of the year I usually am out for a bike ride with my friends for a BCD (Butt Crack of Dawn) cruise, but not only are those guys on their way back from a bike tour in Colorado, I am not up to speed yet due to my foot surgery.

I also like to kick back at the kitchen table with my coffee.  This morning’s coffee is a Starbuck’s Italian roast, brewed by yours truly, which means it is grow-hair-on-your-back strong.  The hair is curling through my shirt now.  One more sip and I will be howling at the moon with the coyotes tonight.  I do not recommend Truvia sweetener, by the way.  I like my coffee strong and sweet, like my women, and it takes a whole box of Truvia to get my coffee as sweet as I prefer.


So here I sit, waxing poetically at my blog, waiting for the girls to finish spiffing up for church.  Nate sleeps until the last possible moment.  We leave in five minutes.  Nate is still dreaming.

The animals in our house love Sunday mornings when I get up.  Nick usually visits me for a few minutes, gets his pats in, goes back up to guard the girls.  He usually doesn’t leave Mir for a second in the morning, waiting to come downstairs until she descends, laying in front of the bathroom door while she showers.  Chester da cat, however, covets not only my attention but also the bowl of cereal I fix for myself.  Prior to taking that picture, Chester occupied the space in front of my PC.  The orange and white hair plastered across the front of my shirt a testament to his attention.

Nick did come downstairs long enough for me to let him out to do his doody.  He is a little annoyed at me for taking this picture.Image

And it’s Father’s Day.  Accidentally, I discovered that I am getting my traditional box of Junior Mints.  I did not peek at the package.  I am sure today will be filled with food, golf, a nap, maybe even a bike ride.  We’re having lunch with Mir’s dad, a spry 92 (almost 93) year old youngster.  I will call my Dad.


OK, time for my newly proclaimed 14 year old son to get up to go to church.  I just heard Mir rouse him.  He got 4th place in a golf tournament last Friday, his birthday.  Not bad.  Caddied for the Cantigny course manager yesterday.  My daughter won the Drum Major appointment she wanted, the sole band leader this Fall.  All is well.  Kind of makes me feel legit.