I have a back yard full of teenaged band nerds.  Gathered around a little bonfire I built for them in the family fire pit.  It’s past my bedtime and I should be asleep.. because I am an old fart and old farts need their sleep, dang it.  But you never know what mischief band nerds, MARCHING BAND nerds, are going to pull.

Probably none.  I should go to bed.

You know what?  (I heard that.. someone said “No, what?”)

I did something right.  There are times, few and far between mind you, but there are times.  I bought that fire pit last September with the hope that my lovely daughter would want to have her friends over.  AND SHE ASKED ME TO BUILD A FIRE AND LET HER HAVE A PARTY TONIGHT.  Yeah.  This dad rocks.  He rocks a fire too.  It’s smokin’ hot.

I probably should not tell them why there is white smoke coming from the fire.  I just might be making use of the wood, white painted wood, from the picket fence I took down last year.  Mir has been be(u)gging me to get rid of that wood.

Oh, and the kid that Alyssa went to a movie with last night is out there.  Mayyyyyyybe I should make an appearance out there and introduce myself.


Good night.  I will sleep well.  The Cardinals beat the Cubs.  The Blackhawks won.  The Tour de France starts Saturday. 

(Brag time — Nate, my newly 14 year old son, won the Golf competition at the high school golf camp today, as an incoming freshman.  He is psyched.  He also scored a 38 in his golf league match on Monday.  The kid is hooked on golf.  I’m accepting donations to help support his habit.)