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“Hey Steve. I wanted to use our fish conversation we had the other day in my book.  My protagonist is a huge fan of sardines and anchovies…it plays out in a few parts of the book.  Would that be okay with you?  To steal some of your puns…rather use poetic licence with them?  🙂   Let me know. Thanks Stevil.  I think you may be on vacation now, so have a great one.”

I’m published.  Not directly, but I am published.  My friend who also writes, decided to taint her book with comments from our Facebook conversations.  The book is published.  I am sure that you can find it in a Cracker Barrel gift shop nationwide.



My friend Betsy’s use of the word ‘droolicious’ is not something she stole from me.  I am likely the inspiration for that Declan character though.  It’s often that I am spotted with eye candy on my arm.  I usually swat it off.

Any book described as a ‘wallbanger’ (any book that becomes annoying you want to throw it against a wall) is a book that I likely was involved with, even though I didn’t write it.  I didn’t read this one either.  But I wrote part of it as you all witnessed in the quote.

I’m usually funnier when I am commenting on someone’s blog, especially if I am commenting on someone who is already so funny that they don’t really need me to make them that way.  Here in WP land, I comment regularly on a humor columnist’s blog named Ted, and our comment threads get pretty schtinkin’ hilarious if you ask me.  Go ahead.  Ask me.  Ted has not asked me to leave yet, even when his very own significant other wife expressed her appreciation of my talents.  My comment wielding talents.

My blog life has been that way, days spent commenting on my blogs and others as a means of combatting boredom or just plain having fun.  A good friend of mine, Sandy, has teamed up with me to drive many an OCD blogger insane with our friendly banter.  We’re wicked together in a very nice brother and sister sort of way, so much that some people have mistaken us as a brother and sister couple.  Or worse.  Married.  That would not make us funny together, however, unless you look at us.  We met in a bathroom and have pretty much stayed there since.

It’s true.  Wish I still had those pictures.

Shake my hand and congratulate me for being indirectly published.  I washed.