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Marching Band LFPS

Marching Band LFPS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My daughter is a marching band nerd and proud of it.  Not only that, she is the head nerd, the drum major, making her pretty dang special.  She can snap one off with the best of them and I have seen it enough to know.  Put that together with some kick butt very naturally curly red hair, you have a kick butt pretty dang special marching band head nerd.

Don’t believe me?  The girl has lots of awards, winning top honors last season for her band in all but one of their competitions.

She’s at drum major camp this week, the Smith Walbridge camp.  We drove her three and a half hours south on Sunday morning to complete registration, take her to her room in the college dorm, waited a few hours while I pried her mother away from her (Mom was much worse than daughter on the anxiety scale) and tried to keep Nate from falling asleep in the dorm room closet.

“I have never seen so many nerds gathered in one place, Alyssa.”

“I know.  Ain’t it great?  Marching band nerds are proud of their nerdiness, Dad.”  Alyssa smiled an honestly proud smile.

“There are some good looking nerds here, right Alyssa?”  Miriam had to chime in.  Alyssa nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

“Just think, drop a bomb on this place and it takes out 50% of the world’s nerd population.”

“Funny, Dad, but true.”

Alyssa is at the Smith-Walbridge camp, paid for by her marching band.  Nice.  It still cost me plenty to drive her there, but still nice.  The place is serious, with each camper selecting a series of electives that they have to take during the week along with drill classes.  Each camper is issued the camp ‘bible’ at registration, a thick volume that must be studied each evening.  Campers are subjected to tests each day and go through an evaluation at the end of the week.

Miriam was a bit testy last night.  Alyssa had not returned her text messages.

“Um, I think you ought to give her at least 24 hours of peace, dear.  Take it that she is having a good time.”

“Maybe they take away their cell phones.  That place is like the military.”

Before bed time we got a text from our daughter.  Her squad got first place honors for the day, was squad of the day.  Not only that, they had a camp dance with “lots of good looking boy nerds to dance with… DAD”.