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English: St. Louis Cardinals Cap Insignia

English: St. Louis Cardinals Cap Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really can NOT BELIEVE THIS.  You aren’t.  As I typed the title for this blog, what I was afraid of happened.  Seriously.  I am not remotely making this up.


I am listening to the St. Louis Cardinals play against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a do or die playoff game.  Michael Wacha, the Cardinals’ talented rookie pitcher who barely a week ago took a no-hitter 8-2/3 innings, was 7-1/3 innings into another no hit game.. until I created the title for this blog in my mind and finished typing the last “n”.  Argh.  As my index finger hit that letter key, the Pirate batter swung his bat to knock a home freaking run.

I suck.  Sorry Cardinal fans.  It’s my fault.

Wacha is now out of the game with one out in the seventh with a runner on first base, whom he walked on base.  Drat.  Drat.  Drat. Drat.  Drat.  Again I say DRAT.

Had I not screwed up and gone to the wrong office for my doctor’s appointment, Michael Wacha would have been today’s hero with a no hit game.

It’s probably because I am not wearing my lucky underwear, too.

Or because I blew my nose.  I NEVER blow my nose during a Cardinal playoff game.  They never ever give me a reason to weep, so there is no reason to blow my nose.

Ninth inning, 2-1 Cardinals.

Should I post this blog or will that be the final jinx?  It’s definitely on.

Oh if only I had my Redbird here to comfort me.  He would chirp and the world would be fine.