I am starting my NaNo novel now.  It’s November 6.  There is nothing like playing catch up to motivate me.  Not only am I trying to catch to the menacing word count graph on the NaNoWriMo website for my novel page, but my daughter is rocking her NaNo with 10,370 words already.  Yeah, my awesome spawn is ahead of the game.  Last year she cheered me while wishing she had the time to keep up, bragged me up to her fellow NaNoNerds, telling them how awesome her dad was doing.

Good thing that my 1400 word count is not that far behind her friends.  That surprises me a bit.  They did not have school on Friday, so Alyssa went to a writing sleepover.  They started writing as soon as the clock passed midnight on October 31.

I have hope to catch up.  Monday is my surgery day, so I have medical leave for two weeks, work three days, then break for Thanksgiving. 

Woot.  I will catch up.

My story is shaping up quickly.  Who knows.  It might actually turn into a story.