I should be writing my little NaNo novel right now.  Instead, I am going to diddle with a blog.  As you are going to find out in a moment, if you haven’t learned this from reading my other blogs, I am about to go on one of those meaningless tangents I am prone to take.

NaNo is going slowly.  I’m not happy with the story at all, am going to have ignore the absolutely abhorrent direction my character is taking.  I am setting up the story right now and can tell I am getting in a hurry to get to the place I want my protagonist to reach, skipping the details, made the relationships he experienced to get to that point way too shallow in my haste.  There is far too much of the familiar and too similar to previous writing in the story.  That is what I get for writing without a plan, just a mild idea in my head.  To be real honest, I got out of the habit of writing this year and I am feeling the creative pain in my side right now.  I am out of shape.

Perhaps it’s because Soundgarden has not been an ingredient in my writing process.  “Outshined” is playing on my Spotify channel at this moment and I can feel my brain cells starting to electrify.  I love me some Soundgarden.  Chris Cornell is the best.

I need to write this NaNo.  My daughter is still bragging on me, checking up on my progress, talking about her dad when she writes with her friends.  She is close to 15,000 words now, about two days ahead of schedule. 

Monday is my surgery day.  In order to get the time off for surgery, I had to file for short term disability, something my company provides through a service called Guardian.  There is one problem — that disability does not kick in the day of my surgery.  I was told that the first two days of the two weeks I will be off work would not be paid by disability.  I still had a day and a half of vacation left, so I wasn’t worried.  Guess what?  Disability does not kick in until the eighth day, five working days.  Because that vacation time will be used to cover the insurance deductions in my paycheck, I will lose a full week of pay.  Great.  The respite I had the past few weeks from financial woes will be short lived.  We’re already falling behind again.  It’s likely we will get buried again.  That may bury me.. literally.

Aren’t I Stevie Sunshine?

More news on the health front, which makes me feel like some old guy sitting in a coffee shop.  Hey, wait, I AM sitting in a coffee shop right now.  Anyhooooooow, my mom is back from the Mayo clinic.  Surprise, there is nothing physically wrong with her.  The treatment prescribed at the clinic involved changing her medications, treating an addiction to the painkillers that her doctors had been feeding her, and treating the depression that came from dealing with constant excrutiating pain, the weakness that came from not being able to taste her food or keep it down.  My parents got back from Minnesota on Saturday afternoon.  I called mom on Saturday evening.  She sounds like her old self, upbeat, energetic.  She happily reported that food already tastes good, stays with her instead of leaving her, and she is already stronger.  Great news in more ways than one.  I miss her apple and banana cream pies….

So many thoughts coming at me right now, but I will save them for other blogs.  Something tells me this blog will be seeing me quite a bit in the next few weeks.