Great Gonzos!: The Best of Ted Nugent

Great Gonzos!: The Best of Ted Nugent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all, I feel as good as can be expected two days after minor surgery.  I feel too good right now, a bit woozy and goofy from the hydrocodone pills prescribed for pain control.  Yesterday I tried to avoid them in lieu of lucidity.  That was not a good idea.  By late afternoon I was wishing I had kept taking the pills.  Now I am caught up.  Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Let me just say this — I have one kick butt total word point score in Words With Friends.  Of course, I found out that a former high school classmate is also rehabbing while she prepares to have back surgery, so at 1:30 this morning I found myself playing multiple games of Words with her.  She played the word ‘crank’.  Since I am a child of the 70’s, when I see the word ‘crank’, I think Ted Nugent, as in yank me, crank me but don’t wake me up to thank me.  Crude.  Yes.  But I am medicated.  That is my excuse.  So I had to tell my friend that ‘crank’ makes me hear Ted Nugent songs in my head.

She said “That’s funny, crank makes me think of different words for penis”.

That lead to a listing of all the different words we could think of, both of us crying juvenile tears of laughter (many LOL and LMAO messages were shared).  Our games turned into a challenge of who could insert (pun intended) one of those words into our game, a ‘dirty’ Words With Friends.  We played until 5 AM.

I am usually childish, but not usually perverse.  My favorite?  Peewee’s Herman.

Today is another sunny day on the couch with a furry friend at my feet.  My friend, Pat, from work stopped by this afternoon and spent an hour with me teaching me how to play cribbage.  It made me feel good to see him, but I also like being able to give back to him — I know it made him feel good to do a good thing for me!

OK, time to give in to the wooze.