Just what you wanted to see, eh?

Just what you wanted to see, eh?


Mir came through the door this afternoon while I was on the phone.  Immediately, before she went anywhere else in the house besides where she had come in, which was the kitchen, she started yelling “Who is here?  Who was here?  What’s going on?  Are you home?  Who was here?”.

She was being an a@@.

The kitchen sink was empty.  The kitchen was clean.  A casserole dish was waiting to go into the preheated oven.  And Mir was actually angry with me for doing it.

“The doctor said you were not supposed to leave the house or drive for five days.”

She said that after her little tantrum while I was on the phone.  I reminded her that the instruction was that driving and leaving the house was up to my discretion, based upon my comfort level and whether or not I was taking pain meds.  Yesterday afternoon I stopped the meds.  Mir was not making sure I had coffee or planned any meals.  I was tired of warmed over corn dogs and the last dregs of the Folgers tin.  It was a nice day, I wanted to see what my body is able to tolerate, so I went out.


A trip to the bank to deposit a check.  To the library to find a few movies to bring home.  Groceries, just a few, and just a quick trip around the store with the cart, sticking only to the list on the notecard that I had made out before I left.

The food was good.  The movie was excellent (thanks, Keith, for recommending “The Book of Eli”).

I still gots holes in me.  It has only been a few days.  Yes, I will take it easy.  But settle down, I mostly an adult….