I’m a cheap so and so.  I have to be by necessity.  Every opportunity to cut corners, I take.  Right now I am attempting to fight off buying replacement razors.  Razors are expensive, painfully expensive, so excrutiatingly costly that I shrink when I pull a package off of the store rack and more often than not put that package right back.  A personal habit that is both necessary and unnecessary causes such a dilemma for me.  I make my razors last as long as they possibly can.

A few Christmases ago my family gave me cartridges for my razor as a Christmas present.  My son had watched me put the razor cartridges back one evening, my disdain written all over my expression as the $20 price tag slapped me in the face.  “We can use that money for other things that we need” I told him when he asked me why I was putting those cartridges back.  Maybe some day he will remember that incident and learn a lesson from it, whether that lesson be good or bad.  It made enough of an impression that a month or two later he thought enough to give those cartridges to me as a Christmas present.  The present was good if only because it showed that my seemingly sense blind teenage son does indeed notice my sacrifice.  He was young enough then that he didn’t recognize the vulnerability he was showing by recognizing that sacrifice!

I like that grey that shows itself in my beard now.  That is the excuse I gave yesterday when friends and coworkers commented on the growth covering my chin and upper lip.  There is a hope for annoyance but so far neither my wife or daughter has made a single comment.  What I fail to mention is that it’s time to buy new razors and, well, we can use that money for other things that we need.  That is an excuse also, but it’s real to me.  I also just plain like not having to spend the time to shave in the morning.  Once I see what the beard looks like as it grows out and it gets past that prickly stage, the Miami Vice stage, then I will shave.

Or maybe I won’t.  Maybe I will like the grey…..

Here be the current state of facial scum.

Here be the current state of facial scum.