♫ Citayyyyyyyyyy ♫

Barely enough.

Chicago is roughly a 30-45 minute drive east for me.  Or an hour train ride.  The big windy city, full of life and people, buildings, cars, shopping, professional sports, theater,… you name it, Chicago has it.  It even has a beach, a place I don’t recommend this time of year.  Chicago is COLD.

I am not a fan of the city.  The suburbs are a challenge for me.  Oh, downtown Chicago is OK is small doses, but I find myself feeling like I need the open spaces and quiet of the burbs after a short time of being here.

People watching is fun, though.  And I am a girl watcher.  Chicago girls are very pretty with all varieties represented.

There is also the popcorn.  Hot dogs, Chicago style pizza.  The Lincoln Park Zoo.  Lake Michigan.

I am sitting in a Starbucks on State Street, convinced the barrista to stay open for a while longer.  It’s 8 on a Friday night.  I guess this part of Chicago shuts down early even on Friday.  Once the workers are gone, the weekends are quiet in the city.  My brother, who lived right of Michigan Avenue for a while, told me that once.  I visited him one weekend and confirmed it. 

Of course, I also had to confirm that there was a woman who lived in the condo directly across from him who did yoga and cleaned the house in the nude.  He wasn’t fibbing.

There is the lake front path, wonderfully beautiful to ride at sunrise during the summer when the sun begins to shine on the buildings.  That was the real reason I visited my brother.  Seriously.  I had to ride the path.

I just have a few hours to burn here while I wait for Alyssa and her best friend to be ready for me to pick them up.  They are enjoying another perk of the city, the broadway production of ‘Wicked’.  They saw the show together as seventh graders and wanted to see it again as high school seniors.

Geez, I just convinced myself to enjoy the city.. at least enough to tolerate it for a few hours…..