I just feel like saying that right now.  nothing that is really causing me to say that.  Bleah just seems like a fun word to say right now.  It looks even better written in front of me.  I think I will italicize it and add a bold font.


Yippee.  That makes me smile.

This has been one of those days that has not gone as intended or planned.  I am on a one day weekend, yesterday the one mandatory Saturday work day of the year, so I planned to do my own thing most of today.


Plan the week’s menu.

Do the checkbook.  Pay the bills.

Read a book while kicking back on the couch watching the Packers get demolished.

Take a shower and shave.

And it’s 5 PM with none of the above accomplished.  Today has been a very snowy Sunday.  My wife does not drive in the snow.  I love love love LOVE driving in the snow.  So I have been running here and there and everywhere since around noon.  Right now I am waiting for my kids to get out of the movie they are watching, sitting in a restaurant goofing around with my laptop.

So I say ‘bleah’.  And ‘yeah’ because I AM getting to drive in the snow.

Looking forward it looks like there is a lot of potential for stress.  Thursday, as I walked from my car into the building at work, an ambulance pulled up and picked up a coworker.  Mike is the other senior guy in my department, the one who makes life easier for me.  He had a heart attack, minor but still enough that he won’t be back at work until next month at the earliest.  I know who will be expected to pick up his work load.  Thank goodness one of my biggest headaches, main contact for our facility in Shanghai, is now being shared amongst my department rather than all their requests being handled by little ol’ me.  I have a two million dollar project to finish tomorrow, then my boss will be looking at Mike’s projects to see what needs to be done.  On the up side, the added hours will mean a better paycheck.  I get paid hourly.

My body is weird today.  Just today.  I had a lot of coffee this morning, a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, and a Big Mac for lunch.  Not only am I not hungry, I feel stuffed.  Weird.  I should be hungry.

Speaking of dinner, I met some old friends on Thursday night for dinner, people who had been employees of mine over 25 years ago when I was a manager for Bob Evans restaurants.  They found me on FB before Christmas and it’s been fun reconnecting.  However, 25 years is a long time.  I was a bit reluctant to meet them because, well, I am 52 years old now, pudgy from the holidays, and did I mention I am 52 years old?  I had to stuff the feelings of inadequacy, say it really doesn’t matter what I look like now, just have fun meeting old friends.  Good thing I did.  It was only an hour or so, but a lot of fun.

Weather forecast is calling for temperatures below -10 degrees.  Should be interesting tomorrow.  My PT Loser is NOT going to want to run in the morning.

And that is enough of this rambling blog.