Hanes.  Tighty whities.

The kids left for a winter church youth group retreat at Lake Geneva on Friday evening.  They were not going to get back until Sunday afternoon.  Yeahhhhhh babeeeeeee!!!!!  Time to roam the house like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.  I popped my Bob Seeger in the CD player, ready to par-tay.

Mir looked at me like she always does.  Steve is nuts, kooky, off kilter, goofing on Elvis (or Seeger in this case).

The Xbox was mine all mine.  Mir chilled on the couch reading a book while I saved the world one video bit at a time.  We took a break to hit the hard stuff — Blizzards at DQ (Reeses for Mir, Heath Crunch for me).  Mir did something she rarely does, she went to bed early.  I did something I rarely do, which is stay up past ten PM.  I kept saving the world until almost 3 in the morning. 

Mir slept in.  I got up at 8, which is sleeping in for me.  Peace.  I took in new snow that had fallen over night, brewed a pot of coffee, enjoyed a sweet bowl of Cream of Wheat, settled in with a book and took an occasional break by looking at used cars on the internet.  No hurry.  No dad taxi required all day.  I had done the checkbook Friday night, so that was done.  Nothing.  All.  Day.  When it came time to shower, I left the bathroom door open, walked the house in the pink, did the humpty hump for Mir as I grabbed some clean tighties for the day.

We did our own thing all day yesterday.  Enjoyed an evening of dinner, cards and a movie with Mir’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend (Arvind).  Actually watched an R rated movie (Rush) without worrying about the occasional nudity in the movie.  This was a wild time for us.  And we went to bed at the same time, something that happens so rare that I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Not a bad weekend.  Not bad at all.