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Hi.  Hello.  Heh.  Yeah.  Uh huh.  Snow.  White.  Cold.  Is that a bagel I am eating?  Oh no, guess not.

First Tuesday of the month was last night.  For me, that means I get the privilege of giving back to my community and go to the monthly meeting for the city commission I serve on.  Yippee.  Someone throw some confetti.

It was the shortest meeting I have attended roughly forty minutes long, if that.  And all because of Natalia.

Hi.  Hello.  Heh.  Yeah.  Uh huh.  Ummm.  What was I saying?

Oh yeah.  Nataliaaaaaaaaaa.  Efficient Natalia, who replaced Lee as the city representative to our commission while he is on sick leave.  Tall Natalia in a tight short skirt, who turned our all male commission into a group of babbling numbskulls when she walked into the meeting room, fools barely able to contain our puppyish enthusiasm.  Russian accent Natalia, who read the city report and the otherwise boring OMA garbage in a way that left us incapable of speech.  Although, I swear we asked questions just so we could hear her talk.  It didn’t hurt that our agenda was short, but having Natalia there helped us zoom through the meeting with little fanfare, just rapt bliss.  At one point I looked around the room at the faces of my fellow commissioners, all with silly deer in the headlights grins on their faces.

We’re all hoping Lee a long recovery.  Take your time, buddy.