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I feel like I am announcing that my wife is pregnant, waiting until we know the baby is healthy and growing inside of her before broadcasting the good news.  I think it’s safe to say this, although nothing is 100% official yet, nothing is in writing but should be by tomorrow.

Last Tuesday I received a verbal job offer from the managing director of the U.S. subsidiary of a company based in Budapest.  This was after I met the owners during a Skype interview, a bit odd as they were concluding their work day in Budapest.  It was 10 in the morning here.  There were times I had to stifle a laugh as the Hungarians on the other side of the computer webcam got caught up in their excitement over something we discussed, forgot we were watching and engaged in a full blown discussion in their language.  I liked the people I met that morning, liked it even better when the managing director showed me around the small office I will be sharing with him and the office manager, then told me he was writing up the official offer for approval and presentation to me on April 25.

He sent me an email tonight.  They are proposing I start with the company on May 1, fly to Budapest on May 3, attend sales meetings there and train with them until May 15.  I will know tomorrow if the offer is officially approved, if I will actually be working for the company.

My head is spinning.  All of this happened very fast.  March 27 I woke up for the first time in more than 24 years without a job.  March 28 I found out that this job may be coming available.  I am perfect for this job, a much better opportunity than anything that would have been made available to me at my previous job, with so much potential that really depends on what I make of the opportunity.  There is risk because this is a new venture, but I love the fresh feel of starting with a ground floor venture.  The new company was not planning to hire until June or July, but I am perfect for the job because this company is a European equivalent to the company I worked for.  I fell into their lap, made it easy for them, so suited to them that they decided they need me now!

I get to fly to Budapest.  Wow.  I worked for a company that had offices in Belgium, Brazil, Shanghai, Toronto.. and I worked with all of them, but they never once sent me there.

So much more I can and want to say.  This time has been a time where God has shown me so much mercy, shown me that He really does look out for me.  I have found out that I have many, many, many genuine friends and relationships.. and I am grateful.  Support has come in so many ways.  I want to talk about that more, but I am going to save that for another blog.