Sooner or later everyone must face that monster in their closet.  I am not about to make a confession, so a large gasp is not necessary here, although confessions are probably going to be rampant in the Chicago area this weekend as many closets will indeed be opened.  It’s the Pride parade this weekend.  No, I am not going to attend that spectacle.

Geez, I got sidetracked after the first sentence, that is a record even for me.

I received a phone call at work shortly before noon today, one I have known for a few weeks I could possibly receive. 

“Steve, can I stop by at one this afternoon?  I have an appointment to see Magnetrol about that little QC problem they are having with our product.  Can you go with me?”

Yes.  It happened.  The company I work for now provides several products to my former employer.  There was a unit rejected there recently.  My job was to determine what the problem might be.  I tracked it down and our area sales representative wanted me to go with him to review the QC procedure, with the quality tech at my former employer there to demonstrate their test to me.

Can you imagine the thoughts running through my head?  I would be walking in the front door of a building I was escorted out of, thrown out of, less than two months ago.  Would there be a fight?  Would I be told to leave?  Would I be inundated with surprised excoworkers who never got to say good bye to me?

The visit did not happen, but it likely still will happen.  The QC tech was not working this afternoon.


I was both dreading and relishing the visit.