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I am about to curse the weather in Chicagoland for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Why, you ask?  I will tell you why.

I am about to go home and put on my cycling clothes, then roll my bicycle out of the garage.  Shortly thereafter, rain will ensue.

The last two weeks have seen my cycling cursed.  Every chance I get to ride has either been preempted by rain, a family commitment that either I forgot about or that came in with the clouds, or my insane commitment to making sure the yard work gets done.

This afternoon is hot (close to 90 F) and partly sunny.  It rained a little yesterday, basically right after I rolled out of my driveway at dawn for a bike ride, but not enough that the dirt trails will not be rideable later on this afternoon.  My plan is to break the two week drought with a dirt trail ride for a few hours.

Why are there dark clouds gathering at my office ceiling?