My boss walked into my office this morning, sat down, told me he had news for me.

“It’s the summer, buddy, and people take Fridays off this time of year.  What do you have on your plate this morning?”

I gave him the run down, a list of about five things I wanted to do, plus some follow up on some good opportunities I was working on with our sales reps this week.

“Here is what I want you to do today — finish up a few of those things, then take the afternoon off to take a bike ride.  There are major storms coming in by mid afternoon, so don’t stick around past noon.  Get on that bike instead.”

Dave likes the work I have been putting in and I think he is proud that he has given me a much better environment to work in than I had the past few years.  He worked for the same company, got fired by the same guy.  He knows.

It doesn’t hurt that he thinks it’s pretty cool that I ride bikes.

And that motivates me.  156 miles this week on my road bike.  Three hours off road.  Tomorrow morning will likely be another 50 miles.  It has been a very good week for me.  I can feel it, my energy off the charts.  Had I not lost Monday to the exhaustion caused by Sunday night’s insomnia, I would have one of the best weeks on the bike that I have had in years.

Another cool thing happened Tuesday.  I got home from work with visions of a bike ride in my head.  Mir started in on me right away, trying to get me to take Nate here or there, do things with him to get him off of his video game playing butt.

“Mom, Dad has been at work all day and I bet he wants to ride his bike.  Nate can take care of himself.”

My daughter said that while handing me my bike riding clothes.  Another reason why daughters are the best ever gift to a father.

Got more stuff but this blog is already getting long.  That means another bike related blog is to follow….