Quiet.  Solitude.  Free time.

I could get used to this. 

Miriam’s sister from Alaska, Betty, arrived Saturday night along with her youngest daughter, Inga.  Inga is a little bit older than my daughter, Alyssa, and she is here to attend a flute convention in downtown Chicago with Alyssa.  Nate left Monday morning with several of his friends from the high school golf team for a few days of golf and boating at a friend’s family vacation home at some lake in Michigan that starts with a T. 

All I know is that I have had the house to myself every evening this week.  It has been just me, Nick the Sheltie and Chester da Orange Cat.  Miriam has been off galavanting with her sisters all week.




What does dad do when the kids and spousal unit are gone?  Monday night I rode my bicycle until it got dark.  I had the Xbox to myself on Tuesday night.  I got home from work, made myself a magic omelette with our Magic Bullet, then starting shooting.  Call of Duty called my name.  Before I knew it, the clock said 11:30 PM.  Alyssa wasn’t at her convention yet, got home then, smiled and shook her head silently when she walked in the room.

“Have you been playing that game all night, dad?”


She just laughed and went upstairs to bed.

Last night I decided that the Xbox would not win.  I set out on my bicycle as soon as I got home and had one fantastic ride.  After riding my 25 mile circuit, I decided to go out for another 14 miles.  It was a cool night, barely a breeze, and I felt better at 25 miles than I had when I started.

And a friend of mine, a friend who runs and cycles, was celebrating her birthday.  Earlier in the day, I wished her a happy birthday on FB, told her that I normally ride a mile for each day of my life to celebrate my birthday. 

Can anyone guess how old she was yesterday?  This is a picture of my bike computer when I finished my ride last night, the picture I posted on my friend’s FB in honor of her birthday!  Funny thing is, had it not started to get dark, I felt as if I easily could have gone another 39.

I could get used to this.

Sometimes celebrating a friend's 39th birthday can be strenuous!

Sometimes celebrating a friend’s 39th birthday can be strenuous!