Opportunity sometimes just falls in your lap.

Your mind went there, didn’t it?

OK, maybe it didn’t.  Mine should not have.  And you may just be totally confused right now.

My wife was offered a job last week.  Out of the blue, someone she sees now and then recommended her for a job.  It has nothing to do with laps, just to clarify.  That is a different kind of opportunity and I am pretty sure Mir would turn that opportunity down.  This opportunity did fall in her lap, just as she was starting to think about applying for jobs.  A daughter turned college freshman, with real college debt to think about, had her thinking seriously that maybe just maybe it was time to try to make my paycheck do it all.  Neither is the meager pay she gets working as lunch lady at the elementary school.  So when a job coach for a disabled woman who works at the school lunchroom told her that there might be an opening with her company, Mir expressed interest.

One interview later, Mir had a job offer to work with company that helps physically and mentally disabled people of all ages find jobs, then assists them with that new job.  Mir has a sociology degree and worked for an organization called Little Friends when I met her (I was not a client).  This is a job she is qualified for.  She will have to learn to work on her own as very little of the job will involve going to an office.  That will be tough for her, but it also gives her flexibility and control over her schedule.  I am glad to see she is excited about the job.

So am I.  Hopefully this will take some strain off of our finances.  I probably should not (and won’t say) what other thought is in my head, but it might help something else to happen.  Or it might prevent something else from happening.

Miracles still exist.  I never thought my wife would want to work, actually work and earn a real paycheck.

Ain’t that positive thoughts from a positive, sunshine boy?