You know what I need right now?

Money?  Maybe.  But that would only be a temporary fix.

Sex?  I can answer that one with another question — what’s that?  Once again, only a temporary fix and one that would put me to sleep, like most men, quickly.

A fast mountain bike ride?  Actually, that one might be a yes.  It’s not number one on my list though.  Usually it would be.

Season tickets to the Bulls?  Ha.  Ha ha.  Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.

What I could really use is a day of uninterrupted video gaming, a Call of Duty marathon.  I need to shoot ’em up for a while.  It has been months since I have hijacked my son’s Xbox and I miss it.  A totally wasted day would really give me the jollies right now.  Stock the freezer with pizza rolls, warm up the flat screen, slip on the Angry Birds fleece pants, and I am all set.

Too bad there are things like work and chores and adult stuff to do.  I need a break from being responsible.  I want to be my teenage son for a while.  Perhaps it is time for a Freaky Friday type of reversal.  Hmmmmmm.  No.  My son could not handle being me for even a few minutes, especially since there is no way he would be getting access to my credit cards, even if he were me.  On the other hand, he might thank me once the reversal was over.  I am certain he would be in much better shape once the reversal was over.  Chicks would dig him.  He might actually have some muscles he didn’t know he had.  Certainly he would be better looking.