Pardon the title.  ‘Regurgitate’ is my word for the day.  What better place than here to..ummm.. get it out of my system?  Bleah.

A friend who is still a friend even after reading my blog blurted out to me yesterday, “Geez, you sure are writing a lot of blogs lately.”.  True enough.  I have the time right now.  My intention for writing a blog was to have a place where I can keep my writing muscle in shape by exercising it daily.  This past year that muscle got a bit flabby from lack of use.  When I write on a regular basis, I can feel my thoughts coming together in front of me with more ease.  I relax and my writing becomes less of a way to dump poisonous thoughts than it does to have fun.  Hopefully, that is starting to show, although a few of the blogs I have put here lately seem to be an attempt to demonstrate that I do indeed have some positives in my life.

So I have been regurgitating a bit more here lately, thoughts gushing out, some producing a positive result, some just coming out as dry heaves.  There is a mental picture for you.

Writing the negative can be beneficial, I know.  There have been times in the past where focusing on the negative brought what felt like some fairly powerful fiction out of me.  Those stories cleansed me in more ways than one, purging the poison out of my soul by providing a healthy outlet and also providing fuel for some stories that I really enjoyed reading.  I wrote them for myself.  I don’t take myself too seriously.  There are plenty of individuals who have real talent and write for a living.  I am amateur at my best.

By the way, two blogs yesterday were unintentional.  The second blog was supposed to be scheduled to post today.  Oops.  I hit ‘publish’ before I realized that I had not given the blog a schedule.

My 15 year old son started driving school a few minutes ago.  I dropped him off for the first of 15 classes.  After that he starts the driving portion of the school.  If he makes it through this, which he should, he will be eligible to get his driver’s license this June.  I have mixed feelings and more fear with this one than I did when Alyssa started driving.  She is a smart and intentional driver, confident, who has not had a ticket or accident in her two years of driving.  Something tells me the boy may not be so careful.  We shall see.  There are times that he surprises me.

Of course, the driving school is half a block away from one of the bicycle shops I have frequented the most over the years, Prairie Path Cycles.  A few winter seasons, I took their indoor training classes and raced their four race computrainer series.  I have bought several bikes from PPC for my children and my wife.  I have never bought a new bike (I ride good used bikes) for myself, something that the bike shop owner, Mike, casually reminded me of when I visited his shop after dropping Nate at his driving class.

“Still riding that old titanium road bike.. what was it?”  He smirked a little at me.  Mike scoffed when I brought that bike in for a going over when I got the bike from a friend.  But he learned to appreciate the bike as I brought it with me for his indoor computrainer classes.

“Serotta Legend Ti.  Yes.  Still riding it but I could be persuaded to at least consider one of those Madones at the right price.”

Mike smirked some more.  He knows that I am such a tightwad that he would practically have to give the bicycle to me.  However, one bike he had on the shop floor really caught my eye — an OCLV carbon Trek Superfly hardtail with real nice components and a really fair price.  If my company comes through with the rumored bonus, I may release my grip on some of that money and treat myself.

It was nice of Mike to remember me, though.  A successful bike shop needs to do that.  Since I haven’t done the computrainer at his shop for two winters, he didn’t need to remember me.  I was a strong rider at one time with impressive power numbers (I could push and hold over 1000 watts for a long time, most often hitting 1400 watts or more).  That might make me memorable.

OK, no more for today.  The battery on my laptop is running low and I failed to pack the power cord.  Besides, Nate’s class gets out in a half hour.