20150108_191657When the season brings warm breezes, the sweet scents of summer filling the world around us, I am so in love with you.  You are my loyal companion, always ready for me, my lover made just for me.  You are mine.  I enjoy every moment, our rhythm a part of my dreams.  I long for you.

I hate you.  You are a demon of torture.  How dare you invade my house, force me to look at you, your taunts a living hell.

Ride me, you fat pig.  Ohhhhh baby.  You know you need me.

Why does this happen every winter?

(Yes, it is indoor training time.  I hate riding the bike treadmill.  Despise it.  BUT this year I got a bonus.  Mir not only suggested that I put the bike in our dining room when I lamented I had no place inside to keep it, she helped me move the table and chairs.  Guess I have no excuse.  I wrote this blog in my bib bike shorts, by the way.)