hardrock stud24 degrees F.  No wind.   Sunny.  Temperature supposed to reach into the 30s this afternoon.  There is snow on the ground.

I hear a little voice calling to me.

Steeeeeeve, it’s getting a little lonely out here in the garage.  Let’s riiiiiiiiide, TEST THOSE STUDS!!!

Thus the conflict, albeit minor and nothing life threatening.  There is this little thing called work getting in the way, as well as a task or two or three that should be done.  Ahhhhhhh, but life is short and is meant to be enjoyed.  Problem is that one of those tasks is way over due and my reluctance to perform that task is tarnishing my stellar reputation as a dedicated hard working individual.  If I put it off for tonight, I likely won’t do that task out of a lack of energy (combined with a lack of enthusiasm).

And there is that snow on the ground.  It might make that ride just a bit challenging, potential injury looming should my siren bike successfully lure me out for that ride.

The bike on the trainer is happily warm inside my house, content for the half hour jaunts I have been taking.  Riding inside sucks.  I need to spend the money on indoor bike classes, something that keeps me on the bike and motivates me to do real work when I am on it.  Either that or I need to listen to my cold, whispering friend out in my garage.

Take me somewhere, Steeeeeeeeve.

There is also the fact that I am the only person in our three person office this week.  My associate and boss is in the southwest right now, making calls with our sales reps in New Mexico and Arizona.  Our office manager is in Budapest all week for training.  Drat.