20150118_180454Nick, my blue merle Shetland Sheep dog, might just be the best companion I have in this world.  The picture to the right was taken earlier this evening, as I witnessed the cheese wheels of the Green Bay Packer bus completely disintegrate.  My trusty and true companion was right there with me, soaking in the attention as he laid across my lap.  Now and then I would get lost in the game, forget to pet his head.  Nick then rested his head on my chest and looked up at me with pleading eyes.  He stayed with me the entire second half of the game.

I like my dog.  Nick is a very good family dog, loyal to every member of my household, his job to accompany and protect us all.  There are times when he does get very annoying (practically every day) as his breed has a tendency towards anxiety, especially separation anxiety, and he barks every time there is a hint that one of us may be leaving the house — get up from the couch, pick up a coat or jacket, put on socks/shoes.  Lately he even waits for me to sit up in bed each morning, barking if I swing my feet over the edge of the bed.  Yes.  It is annoying.  But Nick so makes up for it with all the good he brings to us.

He wants my attention.  He often demands my attention.  He has very bad breath.


Thanksgiving 2009 016