Alyssa is bringing her new boyfriend home this coming Thursday.  She has warned my not to embarrass her.  This visit was my idea, an invitation to go to a music festival this Friday called ‘Winter Jam’.  For ten bucks, if you can get in the door, you are treated to ten different bands.  It should be a blast.

With the new boy visiting, Mir has gone into house panic mode.  We have a list of 22 projects around the house and yard that need to be accomplished this year, a list I put together and presented to Mir two weeks ago.  Suddenly, several of those projects became necessary to get done before this Thursday.

I’m trying.  Some are simple, such as replacing the chrome soap dish in the upstairs shower.  The old one was crusted with lime build up.  Took some coaxing to get the old one out and I broke a tile in the process, but it’s done.20150125_201423

There is the downstairs laundry.  The cheap old bifold doors that were there no longer close, the hardware worn out, and they just don’t look good any more.  So I went to Menards yesterday afternoon, after my ride, picked out some unfinished oak doors and some stain.  Last night I took out the old doors.  Today I put the first coat of stain on the new doors.  I have never applied stain before.  I hope it turns out OK.  I can’t wait to see the finished finish.  One picture is one of the unfinished set of doors before stain.  The other is right after I put the first coat of stain on.926919