My next door neighbors, good natured Chicago Cubs fans, decided last week to goose me.  When I went out to my back yard to mow the lawn Thursday night, I noticed that a plastic goose was perched on the corner of the fence and facing my yard.

Odd, I thought, why is that goose on the fence.  Don’t people usually put them on their front porch and dress them up in various outfits?  Then I noticed the outfit it was wearing.20150509_154405

My neighbors goosed me.

Maybe more odd is that the neighbors on each side are both Facebook contacts.  The Cub fan neighbors each are contacts.  So I expressed my appreciation at being goosed by taking a picture and posting it on Facebook.

20150512_183334Tonight, a rather cool May evening, I wrapped the cold goose in one of my Cardinals blankets, put a Cardinals hat on da goose, and goosed my neighbors back on Facebook.

The war is on.  Now they are threatening to fertilize GO CUBS on my front lawn.