3013The city I live in is official.

We’re bicycle friendly.

So cool.

Ever since the BPAC (Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission) was established ten years ago, when our mayor took office, one of the goals of our commission was to achieve the Bicycle Friendly designation.  Twice our city has received honorable mention.  Being designated adds value to our community, brings attention to the efforts we truly have made to make our city a place that encourages bicycling.

Getting to this point meant developing a three phase plan that improved existing bike paths, added a network of paths and bike lanes, increased signage.  Our community has implemented to the third phase the plan that our committee developed.  Events and educational programs at our elementary schools have been established.  An annual bike safety fair was started several years ago, originally fully planned and staffed by our committee and now is run by our city park district, had over 250 participants a few weeks ago.  At that fair, 30 new bicycles were given to children and we inspected/repaired over 100 bicycles at no charge.  The application for bicycle friendly designation is a very involved 30 page document.

Our mayor came to our commission meeting tonight, a proud smile on his face as he presented the first of the signs announcing our designation to be posted along the paths and bicycle lanes in our city.

I was one of three commissioners chosen to complete this year’s application.  Dang.  Makes me feel very good.  We met twice a month for six months as we gathered the data for the application, decided who would complete the sections of the application.

If you ever make it to Warrenville, Illinois look for the signs.  You know someone who made them possible!